Translate the French version into all languages!

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Translate the French version into all languages!

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You can translate the text of this forum, but also of the training "Artificial intelligence, the Pacta guide" with AI and your favorite automatic translation solution!

For the moment, the only version of our training sold is the French version. But as it contains a lot of text, you can follow it in several languages ​​thanks to automatic translation solutions in a very simple way.
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To do this, simply open the forum or training link in your translation system. Then, navigate by following the links, with automatic translations, you follow the content in the language of your choice.
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This gives you access to the content of most of the training in your language, except of course for videos or images, but we are preparing a future version for better customization in the main languages.
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The personalized training link, in the chosen edition, will therefore allow you to follow all the content of the AI ​​training in the selected language.
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